Berkemer Law Probate Attorney

Frederick L. Berkemer – Over thirty years experience as an Ohio estate planning and probate attorney helping clients to avoid probate court and preserve assets

Having assets tied up in probate court can add to the grief that family members and friends experience after a death. We help clients avoid probate so that loved ones receive assets without the cost and delay of probate court.

At Berkemer Law we can provide peace of mind to clients looking to protect their families and plan for their future. With over 30 years of legal practice in probate law and estate planning, our firm has the experience to assist families with their estate planning needs.

We form lasting relationships with our clients and assist them with their estate planning, probate, and elder law needs. We have helped thousands of clients establish comprehensive estate plans.

Avoiding probate does not have to be difficult or expensive. Many people have used these simple and effective ways to ensure that all, or some, of their property passes directly to their heirs, without going through probate court.

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Estate Administration
Estate Taxation
Powers of attorney
Living wills
Elder Law
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